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    Hurricane Irma Remembered

    Hurricane Irma Remembered

    Exactly one year ago today the worst hurricane in Florida history made landfall over our home in the Keys, hurricane Irma. We had no idea if we would have a home to return to or life to resume as we made a five hour drive "off the rock."

    I've never experienced a hurricane, but it is forever etched in my mind. The mass exit of friends and family, the stress and anxiety over the safety of those who stayed and an aftermath of destruction like I've never seen.

    Having fled to Naples to elude the eye of the storm, we were surprised when the hurricane turned and landed on us after first landfall in the lower keys. More than a week passed before residents were allowed to return home. Knowing we were returning to a desolate situation, we stocked up on water, gas, non-perishable food items, gloves, white vinegar, peroxide and a host of other items.

    Everyday we got up and out into the community, helping friends and family rebuild, recover and reconnect. There were no "tabs" kept or "I owe you's" as we worked endless days and hours to get our homes, businesses and communities back in order. 

    We wanted to feel "normal" again, although we knew it would never resemble the normal we'd come to take for granted.

    Months later, I found myself doodling with my son and began sketching the hurricane over Cudjoe Key where Irma made landfall. This became a healing project for me as I traced and colored like a nine-year-old, but it was very therapeutic helping me make sense of the literal upheaval in my mind. Upheaval I spent countless hours writing about in my many journals, which prompted me to use this sketch as a cover for journals and planners.

    After Hurricane Irma Hit One Year After Hurricane Irma
    Hurricane Irma Florida keys  One Yearl Later Hurricane Irma Florida Keys
    Hurricane Irma Florida Keys One Year Later Hurricane Irma Florida Keys
    Hurricane Irma Florida Keys One Year Later Hurricane Irma Bahia Honda State Park

    Emotions are still at the surface even after twelve months. I don't believe the healing process ever completely ends as the memories of what was once here linger in each of our hearts and minds.

    Now, in the middle of hurricane season, anxiety is high as we watch storms form and head our direction, yet I feel oddly more calm, a blessing!

    While our community continues to recover, we celebrate this day as one in which many lives were changed, new beginnings evolved and our bond with the islands became even stronger.

    My hope is for you to find a peace while writing and planning your day. Remember, while there are storms in life, you are stronger than you think, capable of more than you know and worthy of the all of the wonderful things coming your way!

    Peace and love from the Florida Keys,


    Back To School Journaling Inspiration

    Back To School Journaling Inspiration

    Summer is over and school is back in session, but that doesn't mean the fun has to end! We've seen quite a few journaling ideas using school themes, so thought we'd collect them for your browsing. We hope they ease you back into early morning alarms, one-way circular drop-offs and homework we have no clue how to help our kids with, seriously!   ​

    Scroll through the list to discover educational layouts our friends at the university level use to track their busy lives. Perhaps you can adapt them to fit your needs as well.

    To further assist you with getting organized and staying productive, we're offering a Back To School discount of 20%! Use code: BTS2018 at checkout for 20% off on our site only. Hurry! Offer ends September 9, 2018!

    We'd love to see what you create! Don't forget to mention and tag us on social media or email us a photo, so we can share your layouts!

    Goals, goals, goals, we all have them, but sometimes it's hard to track our progress if we don't write them down? We like this simple style by @joyful.bujo, puts your goals front and center so you can refer to the often and make sure you're on track!

    When looking back on your life you may be inspired to pick up past goals you'd skipped over or leave them in the "on hold, not forgotten" box.

    In our brief goal tracking careers, we can attest to the idea that not all goals should be pursued, but we also know we wouldn't be half as motivated today if we hadn't tried some pretty crazy ideas!

    This wonderful layout by @sashua_art might actually keep us on track with our schedule. Easy to see calendar at a glance with space for notes, tasks and more on the lined side bars. Purrfect! (We had to!)

    We love this one-page spread by @toris_bujo because it reminds us of something we would've used in college. Ah, the memories! If only we were this organized with study materials at the time. LOL!

    A space for goal of the day, tasks we're working on and quick summary section give us all the space we need to sum up the thoughts in our busy brain. The smaller rectangular boxes in the sidebar are particularly fun as we're always thinking we'll remember the "details" of the day, but sadly, we never do.

    Tasks seem more fun when you add pretty things such as on this layout by Chloe Walker!

    Adding graphics, interesting fonts and blocked spaces can help organize your schedule and thoughts making study time more productive. We really could've used something like this back in the day!

    Doodling in school was one of our favorite things to do, well, besides passing notes and chewing gum, so when we saw this cover by @bella.studiess we were transported back in time! Just looking at the colors makes us think of chilly winter days sipping hot cocoa all the while wishing... school wasn't right around the corner. :)

    We take our hats off to those among you who, like @studytheseas, have taken on higher degree programs. Juggling work and life to find a balance while attending classes is to be commended and we here at DJB salute you!

    We also salute this very unique layout by @studytheseas and hope you find it useful when planning!

    Never will you forget your class schedule with this colorful layout by @bujonotboujee! We love the tall lettering fun and the uplifting quote in calligraphy will keep you powering through your semester with a vengeance! At least until Halloween, then life only gets sweeter! ;)

    The schedule blocked out in colors takes us back to our own prehistoric college days, yes, there was color back then too! :)

    Have fun! 

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